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A 360-degree approach to data engineering solutions

Pushing the limits of excellence with data-led transformation


What We Do

The 21st century is all about data. In an increasingly digitally aligned world, data makes all the difference in your business. Our data engineering services are specifically designed to help various startups and organizations to streamline their operations.

As a leading data engineering company in the market, we prepare businesses and organizations for a data-led transformation that brings their best foot forward in the market. A data-inspired approach can drastically change the impact your business or organization creates in the industry.

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Let’s talk facts


The science of decision making

We have helped many large-scale organizations to refine their decision-making process through data engineering solutions.

Data by 2025

An extensive market report suggests that we will be producing 175 zettabytes of data by 2025, and our data strategy can strengthen your arsenal!

To be future-proof

We devise our data strategy with influential tech like AI, ML, etc.


Our Capabilities

Data Lake Implementation

Data lake implementation allows you to store and process high-volume data at minimal resource spending. Our solutions expand your organization to construct a dynamic data storage systems.

Cloud Data Architecture

Data architecture have the need to be highly scalable and accessible. Our cloud data architecture brings extreme simplification and minimalism to the table.

Data Model Development

A data model that revolves around your core business model and vision can amplify your decision-making process and fetch greater ROI.

Data Visualization

By helping enterprises visualize complex data, we make data-driven decision-making a part of your business process. Our solutions simplify multidimensional data exploration, allowing you to work with microscopic precision and context.

Advanced Data Integration

Data management without data integration leads to information stagnation. Our solutions integrate data from diverse resources and make it accessible for the entire enterprise to rekindle the spirit of data-inspired operations.

Leveraging Big Data

We help businesses leverage influential technologies to convert raw data into powerful insights, ultimately fetching higher ROI and enhancing decision-making.


Technology Stack

Our data engineers are primarily problem solvers. They are highly proficient across different tools and technologies, making them some of the best data engineers in the market. Their problem-solving capabilities amplify when they use such state-of-the-art tools and tech.


Data Engineering
  • imgRedis
  • imgPostgreSQL
  • imgHive
  • imgCassandra
  • imgSolr
  • imgCosmos DB
  • imgNoSQL
  • imgHadoop
Data Science
  • imgPython
  • imgRapidMiner
  • imgScala
  • imgR
  • imgStata
  • imgApache Kafka
  • imgMongoDB
  • imgApache Storm
Data Visualization
  • imgJava
  • imgMySQL
  • imgMSSQL
  • imgTableau
  • imgPower BI
  • imgAzure
  • imgSnowflake
  • imgFusionCharts
  • imgPentaho
  • imgOracle
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Our Sectors

Industries We Serve

We have been operating in this industry for more than 20+ years, and ever since leveraging data has become an option for business, the data revolution seems to be inevitable. And as one of the top data engineering companies, we have helped many businesses across industries to be a part of this revolution with our data strategy and solutions.









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Development Process


Case Studies

Leveraging data can help you go from surviving to excelling.

Let's make the world data positive!

We take data protection seriously. Way too seriously!

Your data is safe with us. We have a strong moral compass and complete transparency to maintain the bond between us. Furthermore, we follow the best industry practices to keep your data safe and tight.

Secured Policies for Devices & Role based access permission
Stringent Security Measures

Frequently Asked Questions

In order to make sure data is safe and available anytime, we back up all types of data with all users at night with encryption measures for those files. We also make sure servers are updated with the latest security factors and can seamlessly with a network protected using measures such as firewalls, intrusion-detection systems, etc.

We deal with data from every business irrespective of how complex they are. W2S Solutions keeps up with the trends in the industry and implement premier tools and safety precautions in handling data for your business. We always figure out a way to make your requirements a reality.

Yes, we have! As we deal with the current trends and next-gen tools and technologies, we have a unique infrastructure that every client expects. With us, you can leverage cost-effective software implementation easily.

We usually deal with a couple of models involved in Data Engineering Technology which include Predictive and Descriptive. As the name suggests, Predicitive models are here to describe what would happen in the future and why it may!

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